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Welcome to our site! We are launching this site on 12/31/2003.

What is Summaries2Go.Com?

Aren't you tired of White Papers on the Web that lure you in with catchy titles and descriptions but disappoint when you read them because they don't deliver what they promise? We have downloaded and read hundreds of White Papers on the Web that mostly turn out to be glorified marketing brochures.

We are so tired of wasting our time with these non value added waste of Cyber space that we decided to do something about it. We said 'let's do Orange Papers!'.

So what are Orange Papers?

These are White Papers that fulfill their promise and contain very valuable information and NO marketing! You want detail on how to actually use some technology? Our Orange Papers will contain that. You want to know how to read faster? Our Orange Papers will help you. We DON'T take referral fees from the sites or people mentioned in our Orange Papers for the purpose of marketing their products or services. We may know and like these sites or individuals but basically we DON'T SELL space in our Orange Papers. They are FREE to download and if you want to help us out because you LOVE them so much, you can either donate a small amount via Pay Pal or check out our other sites where we offer products and services. The Pay Pal feature will be enabled at our launch on 8/30/2003.

So what are these Blue Reviews?

We figured since we are providing this FREE service to the Web community by sharing the results of analysis and knowledge, why not write book reviews? We call our book reviews Blue Reviews. Why? Our answer is 'Why Not?'. We read hundreds of books on Technology, Management, Business, Self-Help, etc. and we want to share our thoughts and opinions on the best books at this site. We will refrain from reviewing books that we don't like. Of course, if a book is not mentioned here it doesn't mean it is bad. It's possible we haven't gotten to it yet.

Launching Soon!

Are you ready for Orange Papers and Blue Reviews? Come back and visit us in January 2004! We will see you then!









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